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The Warmly Yours fabric is weaved and held together by several hands.  Get to know the A-team here!


Raj auntie_edited.jpg



Fondly and universally known as “Raj Auntie”, this 71-year-old grandmother is a knitting pro, with a careful eye for detail and beauty.


In order to support the family with an ailing father, and later on her spouse, she turned to her talent for knitting, for an income. After having lost her husband to cancer recently, it is her knitting needles that fill up the empty spaces in her day, while providing her financial independence and a sense of security.


She is constantly searching for and learning new patterns to try her hand at and feels at home, at Warmly Yours. She is based in New Delhi, India.

Monika Ji_The Team_WY.jpg



Introduced by her mother-in-law, Raj Auntie, into the Warmly Yours family, Monica is knitting a unique spot for herself. At the age of 43, she manages a two-year-old, runs the household and tuition classes, and still finds time to pick up her knitting and crochet needles to knit wonders for us.


While the family was getting by on the existing income, her own earnings from knitting for us, gives her the opportunity to save and invest for her daughter’s future.


A special shout-out to her husband, who lends a hand by rolling skeins of wool into balls for her!


So romantic too!




Deeply talented and diverse in her skills, Archana ji has the knack of figuring out knitting patterns through observation. Presented with a new design for a sweater, she never thinks, “I can’t make this.” Instead, it is always, “How can I make this?”

Despite the family business run by her husband and sons, she sticks to her knitting and crochet to keep herself busy and financially independent.


From a young age, she never liked being dependent on anybody for money and is hence, happy to be making her own.


She believes in pouring good thoughts into her knitting, to pass on to the person wearing her creations. 


Ragini 6.jpg



For eight years, Ragini has envisioned and strived to enable current generations to experience the joy of wearing woollies that have been knit by hand.


Having grown up wearing clothes stitched and knitted by her Nani, she wanted to share that personal touch with others, reminding people of the inherent value of the handmade.

A communication professional with 15 years of experience across industries, she is happy to settle down with her knitting needles at the end of a long, tiring day.


She can go on and on, about how therapeutic the activity is, and may even convince you to take up the art for your own good! Ragini is based in New Delhi.

Reena Singh 2b.jpg



Here’s the lady who ties this whole shebang together. A much-loved teacher and principal for 36 years who ran her own school and shaped the lives of thousands of children, Reena (“mom” or “auntie” to us), advises us on all matters of Warmly Yours. Her vast experience of children enables her to send our way, invaluable insights and ideas that are much needed to steer our ship in the right direction.

She views Powerpoint presentations and branding strategies with sheer fascination, marvelling at technology and the multiple nuances of running a business, while at the same time, keeping up like a pro. We believe that nobody makes it far, without the blessings of an elder. So lucky we are, to have the whole deal!

Ashish Dhameja 2.jpeg



Technically, the only man on the team, Ashish is the ‘numbers’ guy. And more. 

Passionate about theatre from a very young age, he started acting at the age of 5 and has been acting professionally with Feisal Alkazi’s Ruchika Theatre Group since 2014. He is also known to people as a trainer, director, voice-over artist, and acting and expression coach. 


A stark contrast to his love for creativity and letting emotions take ‘center stage’ is his penchant for logic and numbers, both of which have driven his experience as a consultant in the fields of accounting and human capital. The balance between the two gets tricky, every time he has an excel workbook open on his laptop and a new script lying next to it! 




A Wedding and Events Photographer by profession, Richa found that children make for a far more interesting and captivating subject than anything on the planet. Yes, the motivation was also her own little peanut, pulling all kinds of faces for her mom’s creative lens. 


With an MBA in her pocket and experience in branding and marketing, the day Richa picked up her camera, she never put it down again. Currently, while running after peanut, she’s having a gala time shooting for Warmly Yours that lends her ample creative freedom, with satisfying results. 

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